Задание #1

Един до друг, един за друг, един под друг, един в друг сме закачени и си съхнем бавно на простора. На простора с главното "Ж" - живот. Като ни добавят, капят капки, като ни премахват, слънцето пече за друг. Но този друг и аз, и ти сме нещо общо - споделяме един простор, и пак...този друг и аз, и ти сме нищо общо - един до друг, един за друг, един под друг, един в друг си съхнем в собствен свят затвор. Аз виждам моите капки падат тихо и спокойно, бавно и плахо, меко и плавно, нежно, но силно, студено, но любящо...трептящо...изящно... понякога горящо и капка след капка, миг след миг, дъх след дъх, крачка след крачка, мелодията става по-бърза, атмосферата - по-пъстра, кръвта - по-буйна ,мисълта - по-шумна, душата - по-благодарна,  за да се превърне всяко докосване в удър, всяка усмивка в експлозия, всяко пълзене в галоп, всеки миг във вечност. Някъде през вечността, ще се окажа на поле от златна драперия. Ще ме докосва, обгръща, затиска, прегръща, изпраща, посреща, изтласква ...…

One Year Later

I have never made a difference between the numbers 8 and 9. In any language. It is very annoying because it happens all the time I am at work, for example. Sometimes I skip saying we have peanuts on sale because they contain those two numbers - 8 and 9 - in the price. It's really awkward and drives the customers away when I start correcting myself. 1,89... or was it 1,98? 
So, yes, I guess the same thing will happen tomorrow when my 8 in 18 magically turns into a 9. 18, 19 same thing. However, something seems to be off.

When I look in the mirror, the one year change is not barely unnoticeable. I haven't had this long hair since the end of 10th grade, I dazzle both boys and girls with my shiny braces and numerous pimples covered under a thin layer of cheap foundation. I know, I know. A dream girl is what you would say. It's funny because it wasn't until last week that I thought about how much I've grown up during this last year and it was indeed my looks that made me…

I skip

No ideas. Let's skip it once.
But when there is once, there is usually twice. A lesson learned the hard way. 

I experience extremely hard to bare mental breakdowns when I lack ideas. When you see me depressed, with almost no interest in living, I must be in a state of imagination dehydration. Of course in such times, times that not only I deal with, and times that are not always associated with lack of ideas - you may have no motivation for example, you neither want to get out of bed nor brush your teeth. Why? Because you need a purpose and with no purpose even the positive outcomes like fresh breath have no meaning to you. Who's that fresh breath for when you won't even get out of bed? Tooth decay? Nah! That's a future problem! 

Well, not only tooth decay is a future problem. A future problem is also saying Screw it. Tomorrow. A deadly phrase also known as the infinite loop when tomorrow is a longer word for never, nah or a shorter one for sometime in the distant future…

The Blank Page

Blank pages are exciting...
They either know nothing or everything.
They are sharp, the edges cut.
Their fragrance - either none or wild. The smell of nature.
Thin or thick.
Texture or not.
... just like people, just like life.

And if you have a blank page in front of you, what would you do? What would you write, what would you draw. The colours are bright, the stains of ink, emotion pierces the page.

If I were you, I'd make a dot. Than make it two. A big round line connecting them. Now that they are not alone, I draw a circle to surround them, too - their comfort zone, their place to grow. A hundred hands beyond that safety are now reaching for the sky. A hundred challenges are up to me to conquer. I look from afar - the sun. Let's make it shine.
*** Just like you or just like me - the blank page - a metaphor of life. Texture or not, thin or thick, the smell of our dreams, we are so sharp, sometimes we cut, know nothing and everything. Exciting. 
The page is now in front of you. What wo…

To Corrupt A Wish

It is an urban legend that I worked on a comics the whole summer. I say a legend because no one has ever seen it except for me and hopefully the judges of the contest, if I got the address right. Despite my dissatisfaction as a creator, which is inevitable -  criticism makes you strive for more and thus develop yourself more, I must say that it was the greatest summer workout for keeping my mind artistically occupied. Yes, to narrate such a big story in just 30 pages is a bit ambitious and now that I think about it a lot foolish (I must have kept it for my bestseller debut, just kidding) but I did grew fond of all the characters especially of  the one whose story I'll share. A story inspired by a genuine belief.
The plot resolves around the female protagonist, who switches realities unintentionally with the help of a ring. I won't go into unnecessary details but there are big mushrooms, crows, magicians, giant flying turtle towns, bad boys, an ex-princess, an evil queen and a l…

The Phone Call

I am a victim of an overnight invasion. The moment I woke up as a high school graduate, I was bombarded by tons of 'It's your job from now on' sentences that, unfortunately, I couldn't dodge anymore. I was, as you may already think, not in a position to argue either because 18 years are a great age to become more independent, if you have been a loafer like me all your life. Now my disinterest is no longer justified by my artistic madness and mess. It equals hunger, homelessness and poverty. Growing up is exciting! Yey! While some chores are comparatively bearable, other are total nightmares. What started as a simple task 3 months ago, ended up as the saga of the summer. And i bet you wouldn't ever guess that brought me such a misfortune that I am even writing a blog post about it. I'll enlighten you.
I was kindly assigned to call, just call, an orthodontist in the very beginning of June. Easy enough, right? No! No, because being a me is not as easy as it seems. …

Letters to myself

'You can't really go on a vacation because you will always bring yourself with you.' I guess you were right, Dr Menis Yousry.

I did spend eight great and memorable days with friends, finally getting some rest from deadlines. It was, to be honest, the most perfect way to end this challenging and inspirational summer. My chronic stress was, however, fast replaced by the most annoying tyrant - me. I swear, there is no worse enemy than our own mind. It is always bombarding us with all kind of thoughts that can be categorized as rather useless than... useful especially when we are trying to escape somewhere. In my case I really did make some serious efforts to escape. I hoped that if I stayed 415 km away from my desk,parents and daily routines, I would be able to reward myself. You know, like treating your dog for being a good guy. But don't get me wrong. None of those persistent thoughts could in a way ruin the beautiful week. They were just ...there. Moreover, some of th…